Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A: Usually, it takes around a week for the item to arrive. However, there may be some uncommon situations. Check out our Shipping and Returns page for the detailed description of this 


Q: What size should I order of "X" item? 

A: Check out the fit chart that we have under each of our product pages in order to see the size that would fit your body type. 


Q: What are the measurements of the models that we use in photos? 

A: We do not have the exact measurements of each of our models, but the fit chart for each individual piece is in the description in the item's product page, and will help you choose the ideal size for each piece. 


Q: Do we sell high quality pieces? 

A: Every piece that we sell surpasses our quality checks and is soft to the touch but durable for use.