Rare Concepts: Why You Should Embrace Your Story

Your story can help others: Embracing the hardships in your life will help you serve as an example of triumph to anyone else going through similar circumstances. Believe it or not, people will look up to you simply because they empathize with your story.


You are a culmination of the hardest events in your life: If you ever reflect on your past and think about the times where you’ve felt the worse, you’ll realize that you’ve made decisions, whether overtly or subconsciously, to avoid feeling that way again. You learned lessons, and matured from these moments, and your actions today stem from the lessons that you’ve learned from those hard times. 


You can see how far you’ve come: If you haven’t gotten out of the hardship, you’re at least making progress towards overcoming it which means that you’ve learned new life lessons, and are further along today than you were yesterday.